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Join Pakistan Youth Hostels Association as member for getting the best value of your stay at hostel. There’s so much to enjoy and benefit from PYHA membership – from savings on stays to sense of comfort and total security.

We are determined to give you unique and memorable PYHA experience. Stay in Youth Hostels at 14 locations in Pakistan and also obtain International Membership Card valid for more than 4500 locations around the world including Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a PYHA member to stay?

YES! – You need to be a member to stay with PYHA (Pakistan Youth Hostels Association). Find out more about PYHA membership here.

We are a group of friends – can we take out group membership?

No, you will be unable to become a group member unless you are a formally constituted, organised group. Proof of this will need to be supplied. Group memberships are in the form of:

1. School Membership
2. College Membership
3. University Membership
4. Association / NGO Membership

Click here for details on Membership Types.

I don’t live in Pakistan, can I still become a member?

If you live outside Pakistan, you will not be eligible to purchase a PYHA membership. We suggest that you buy Hostelling International membership, which is recognized in over 4000 hostels worldwide here, or buy membership in your home country before you travel.

How long will it be before I receive my membership card?

You should receive your PYHA membership card within 3-7 working days depending on the shipping time.

I am travelling with a few friends, do we all need to have PYHA membership to book rooms with PYHA member rates?

If you and your friends are booking into Dorm Rooms then yes, all of you will need to have valid PYHA membership to take advantage of member rates. Remember, each of you will be asked to present your membership card at check-in so don’t forget to pack it!

If you are booking a Executive/Family Room then no, this room is paid for as a whole and as such only one PYHA membership is required.

Need support straight away?

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Fee Structure

If you want to become a member of Pakistan Youth Hostels Association and avail the benefits of membership. Check out the Fee Structure here.

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Membership FAQ's

Do you have a burning question about our PYHA Membership and which option is best for you? Read our helpful guide to find all your answers.

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Terms & Conditions

Please read our Membership Terms & Conditions. We are not-for-profit organization and want to maintain the standards for our members.

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