National Secretary - PYHA

Ambassador (r) Qazi Humayun has been a Trustee of Pakistan Youth Hostels Association since 1999. He has been closely associated with PYHA activities and has represented PYHA in several International Conferences organized by International Youth Hostelling Federation (IYHF). He was appointed National Secretary of Pakistan Youth Hostels Association (PYHA) in August 2015. Given the fact that PYHA is a Non-Profit Welfare Trust, Ambassador (r) Qazi Humayun has been working as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization as an Honorary National Secretary.

Additionally, Mr Qazi Humayun has served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan and Turkey as well as the Additional Secretary in the Foreign Affairs. He also worked for seven years as a Marketing Executive with the “The Coca-Cola” Export Corporation, an America Multinational Corporation at the Lahore Regional office. He has done his MSC in strategic studies from the national defense University as well as a graduate of Law and Masters in Economics.

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